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Oghassabian Affirms Commitment to Full Equality for Women

Oghassabian Affirms Commitment to Full Equality for Women
BEIRUT: Minister of State for Women’s Affairs Jean Ogasapian said Sunday he was committed to continuing the march to achieving full equality for women in Lebanon, local news channel Al-Jadeed reported.
"With the New Year, the Ministry of State for Women's Affairs reaffirms to every girl and woman in Lebanon that the process we have embarked on together will continue ... to achieve full equality in both legislative and practical terms,” he was quoted as saying.
Out of Lebanon’s 128 seats in Parliament, only four are held by women. Additionally, Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s 30-member government only includes one female minister, Minister of State for Administrative Development Inaya Ezzeddine.
Gender inequality and gender-based violence in Lebanon has been in the spotlight recently, after the deaths of five women within the span of two weeks, including the sexual assault and murder of British woman Rebecca Dykes. Activists noted that the crime was not an isolated incident in the country, where gender-based violence is widely underreported.
Women’s rights organization KAFA (Enough) Violence and Exploitation recorded 20 gender-based murder cases over the course of 2017, including the five recent killings.